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Semester tuition: Students for our Manhattan, NYC studio will have 15 lessons each throughout the Fall or Spring semesters. Summer semesters comprise a total of 12 lessons. Tuition for the 2020 Fall semester is as follows:

30 min lesson clock

30 min sessions tuition

$770 per semester

45 min lesson clock

45 min sessions tuition

$1003 per semester

60 min lesson clock

60 min sessions tuition

$1191 per semester

If you have any further questions, please let us know. If you need installment plans, please contact us. Please note that you will need to participate in the Summer semester to have a spot for the Fall semester. Any student who will not be taking lessons in the Summer semester will schedule for Fall semester times AFTER all the students that participated in the Summer semester have secured a lesson time. We take students on a rolling basis, and will prorate tuition if you begin lessons later than the semester start date.

Yearly Registration Fee: A $90 registration fee will be assessed each year, This fee will take care of all performance space rentals except for the Invitation-only concert in April. This fee will be non-refundable.

Our Provisions

Ever wonder where your tuition dollars go? We'd like to give you some insight on what your monthly fees cover though, so you can better understand what exactly we as a piano studio provide for you.

  • Teacher Experience
  • Teacher Formal Education
  • Time spent with student
  • Time spent planning for student lessons
  • Trips to music store
  • Shipping costs associated with music
  • Sales, Property and other taxes
  • High quality Instruments
  • Upkeep of instruments
  • Teacher Accomplishments
  • Teacher Publications
  • Planning recitals
  • Administrative upkeep
  • Time spent keeping accounts up-to-date
  • Teacher education
  • Faculty Development
  • Teacher salary
  • Teacher retirement
  • Office Supplies
  • New Software to stay up-to-date
  • You get the idea....


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manhattan piano lesson instructor Isabel Keleti
Isabel Keleti
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Yurina Shin
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Ross Lewicki
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Allison Wang
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Humberto Olivieri
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Georgianna Rickard