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Matthew Stolfi

piano instructorMatthew Stolfi
Matthew Stolfi is a composer-pianist originally from Cos Cob, Connecticut. He was raised in a music-loving household, listening to his father on acoustic guitar (and no small amount of musical soundtracks by Andrew Lloyd Webber). Matthew started studying piano at age 10 after a 32-key Casio keyboard was left to him by his late great uncle. Having had several instructors throughout his piano studies, Matthew began with classical material but soon added jazz, improvisation, and musical theatre to his repertoire. Matthew is dedicated to teaching students of all ages, but has a long history of working with younger students in particular. He first spent time educating young students as a volunteer in the music camp at his high school, and has since worked with students both individually and in groups small and large, pivoting regularly from solo piano lessons to teaching music at summer programs to music directing casts for theatrical productions. He is always impassioned by the energy and excitement young students bring to their music and performances. Matthew received his BA in music from Boston College where he discovered passion for songwriting and composition. More recently, he received his MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Along with his work as an educator, Matthew works now as an accompanist and keyboardist in pit orchestras for musicals and as a composer/lyricist for musical theatre. Matthew’s goal as a music educator is to help students tell stories - their stories - through music. Set upon a solid foundation of skills and technique, he helps students connect emotionally to the pieces they play and develop a narrative between themselves, the piece, the instrument, and those who listen. Music has the ability to express that which words do not, and Matthew believes it is through the combination of structure and personal emotional connection that unlocks the creative spirit that fuels this unique musical expression. It is this personal connection of storytelling that turns a passive student into an active life-long learner and music lover.