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Getting started to learn piano is an exciting time for any student. Your life will no doubt be culturally enriched, but you will also find taking piano lessons can benefit your life in suprising ways

One-on-One Instructions

The most effective learning occurs with individual attention. Lesson lengths are half hour, forty-five minutes, or an hour.

Music Theory

All students are required to learn about music theory as it is part of the lessons. Learning theory can enhance piano playing and help students gain appreciation for music.


It is critical to train the ears as well as learning how to play at sight. When the student is ready, the teacher will incorporate this part into the lessons.

Music Appreciation

This ties in and solidifies learning acquired during lessons. Students will learn how to listen and appreciate a variety of music during this time.


Performance workshops are held to provide additional public playing opportunities for students. An annual recital takes place at the end of the school year.

Royal School of Music Exam/The Development Program/NYSSMA

We offer three different types of international piano exams. Depending on which studio location you take lessons from, we can make suggestions to the appropriate exam you should take. 

Resourceful Music Library

Massive piano literature/CD is made accessible to students whenever possible.

Supplementary Materials

Additional worksheets/piano music are handed out at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Music games are always enjoyed and loved by everyone!

Who Should Take Piano Lessons?

All students ages 3 and up who are interested in piano and are willing to make the efforts are all welcomed.

How Often are Lessons?

Lessons are generally once a week, four times a month. Students are expected to have at least four lessons a month to ensure maximum learning results.


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Ferdinand Capitulo
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Jasmine Capitulo
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