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Natalia Huang Piano Studio has been teaching students the joy of playing piano all across the United States.

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What People are Saying

My girls (age 8 and 5 when started) have been enrolled for about 2 years now. Couldn’t be happier with their progress. Ms. Jasmine is patient and to push the girls to challenge themselves. I was concerned when the pandemic hit, worried about the lack of normalcy for the kids. Thankfully Natalia improvised pretty quickly and we were able to continue with our lessons, a little different since it’s virtual but still gave the girls a little bit of normalcy which they look forward to weekly. Some added bonus the studio also does various contest and events to encourage kids. Also not to mention we were still able to have our recitals (virtual)
Linda Trinh
We have been taking lessons here for 2 years and my daughter really enjoyed this. It's a clean environment and the teachers all care about the growth of the students. During the beginning of the pandemic, the studio adapted very quickly into remote learning seamlessly, which allowed us to continue lessons while being sheltered at home. The studio also came up with various interesting online group lessons, that were not part of the existing private lesson plan. Which when I think back to last March/April of 2020, we were all in lockdown and any little piece of virtual nugget that was offered, we gladly took. We greatly appreciated those additional virtual lessons, for awhile, the kiddos really had nothing to was not remote either. They just sat at home... I would recommend Natalia Huang piano studio!
Julie Lin
We love this Piano Studio! The teachers are kind, knowledgeable and very professional. They transitioned so easily for us via zoom during pandemic. Our daughter has excelled so much in her piano skills and looks forward to her class every week. Highly recommend this studio to anyone looking for quality piano lessons.
Bernadette Ceron