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Alejandro Copenhaguen

piano instructorAlejandro Copenhaguen
Alejandro Copenhaguen was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With over 40 years of experience both teaching piano and as a musician, he comes with extensive musical knowledge. Many of his former students are now professional musicians or music teachers. As a gig musician, he also had the honor to play along with many singers and players, on stage or in studio recordings. His ability to speak both English and Spanish fluently has helped him connect with many along the way. In addition to working at Natalia Huang Piano Studio, he has also been a piano teacher at San Fernando Music School for the past seven years. Along with teaching and performing, he also shares a passion for composing music. He was the composer/arranger and director for musicals such as "Esperanza de Sonadores", "Con Ustedes...La Zarzuela II", "Una Visita Cada Verano", and "Shalom Israel". On a personal note, he has a son and daughter along with three beautiful grandchildren. He regularly Skypes with his grandchildren and play music along with them. Music got him through the best and worst times of his life, and it is his lifelong goal to continue to share his musical knowledge with others.