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Amy Reichel

piano instructorAmy Reichel
Amy Reichel grew up in New York City and began piano lessons at age eight after previously studying folk guitar from age five. When her hands were too small for barred chords, she switched to piano and has been playing piano ever since. Music was only one of her interests growing up (She also enjoys science, math and making visual art), but the deep affinity for playing and listening made piano an essential part of her emotional and intellectual makeup and this preference blossomed in later life. She studied Physics at Harvard and took music theory and piano while also participating in chorus. After college, she continued to study piano while singing in choruses and choirs. She started working in scientific research and tutoring science and math but eventually music took the forefront of her interests. She then started teaching piano and applied the same skills of adapting teaching to each student’s needs and promoting enthusiasm for the subject that she had used in tutoring, to her piano lessons. She feels that one major difference between science and math tutoring and piano teaching (besides the subject of course) is that although all three are creative, only piano taps into the emotions. She believes music can enhance every person’s life regardless of their level of commitment and that it brings emotional well being and a sense of joy that can last a lifetime. In her teaching, she tries to instill that sense of joy from music and encourage expression over technical skill. That said, she recognizes that to achieve personal expression requires attention to detail and some necessary work. Her own personal journey toward embracing a life in music makes her well suited for encouraging other students to find their path.