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Julian Trienekens

piano instructorJulian Trienekens
Julian Trienekens is a jazz pianist and composer. He has been playing piano since the age of 7, focusing on improvisation and jazz music since he was 12. He is well versed in music theory, both from a jazz and classical perspective. Julian began composing written music at the age of 16 and has penned many scores of works in various orchestrations and genres, primarily for the piano. Julian is currently studying at The Juilliard School Extended Division to better his understanding of the art of composition. Julian has been a teacher in the tri-state area for a number of years, teaching all ages of students from young children to seniors in their 70's. He enjoys crafting tailor-made courses of study with his students to guide them through their needs as well as their individual interests and tastes in music. He has even gone so far as to have composed etudes and other student pieces for his pupils as learning material and repertoire in the past! As a practitioner of improvised music, Julian has a strong background in music theory and ear training skills. Julian's strongest suite is being flexible in a musical sense, particularly in the jazz idiom. Julian is also comfortable in more traditional roles and courses of study in the classical style with students. Julian is passionate about teaching music. To spread the joy of music and to pass the torch is, for him, something of great importance. Julian wants to leave the same impact and impression through music as his teachers did for him. Music builds character and teaches people positive traits such as discipline, pursuing their goals, and fostering curiosity. For Julian teaching is personal because he wants other people to benefit from music in the same ways he has. He feels that artistic expression cultivates personal growth in those who practice it. He views himself as a guide or a coach toward this end when in the position to teach music. Whether an interest in jazz, writing music, or general piano studies, Julian can help you to become a better musician. Whether the student is a child or of senior age, Julian is comfortable to design a successful model of action to propel the student forward in their studies. Julian looks forward to seeing you in the studio soon!