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Arraypiano teacher Ferdinand
Ferdinand Capitulo
hacienda heights

“Mr. Ferdinand” Capitulo is a pianist, composer, and tubist. He began piano lessons when he was 5 years
old. In 2007, he studied music in Fullerton College and then transferred Cal State Fullerton in 2011.
Ferdinand graduated in 2016 with a MM in Compositional Studies. As a pianist, Ferdinand excels in
understanding musical styles and is known for his songlike interpretation. When teaching, he likes to
examine the context and try to understand the composer’s intent of a piece. One day, he hopes to
become a professional composer and board game designer. Other hobbies Ferdinand enjoys are board
games, books, and tea.

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Arraypiano teacher Jasmine
Jasmine Capitulo
hacienda heights

Jasmine is a musician, performer, and music teacher based in Southern California. She began studying music at the age of 6. Jasmine has competed in the AFNA (Accordion Federation of North America) piano and accordion competitions. She currently plays in the folk band, "Eva & the Vagabond Tales" and has performed on several radio stations and performs for many special events, including, Disneyland and Dreamworks Studios. 

In addition to being a performer, Jasmine has taught children and adults piano, accordion, and origami. She is currently attending Fullerton College and is working towards her Piano Teaching Certificate, with the goal of obtaining her degree in Piano Pedagogy. 

Jasmine is a patient piano teacher and strives to keep a safe space for her students. She has worked with students of all ages and her ultimate goal is to instill a love of music in all of her students.

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Arraypiano teacher Chrisna
Chrisna Chung
hacienda heights

Chrisna Chung is a pianist born and raised in Indonesia. Learning piano since early age of four, music becomes an important aspect of her life. She moved to United States to pursue her passion in music where she learned piano from Prof. Kevin Fitzgerald and later with Dr. Rob Watson to earns her Bachelor of arts in Piano Pedagogy. 

With her passion in piano and her love of children, she started teaching kids piano in her last year of college. Within 15 years of teaching experience, her students had achieve multiple awards in numerous of competition from local SYMF to international competition like Carmel Klavier International Piano competition for Young Artist. 

Chrisna's ultimate goal in teaching is letting students understand, be able to enjoy and appreciate music of any genre through focus of Classical genre; guiding the students to let them be able to express themselves through music and building not only their musical ability, but self confidence and self discipline. 

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Arraypiano teacher Judy
Judy Wang
hacienda heights

Judy Wang was born in Taipei, Taiwan and spent part of her childhood in Costa Rica.  She began learning piano at the age of three, with a Russian piano teacher, Luda, who built up the foundation of her music education.  At seven, she returned to Taiwan, where she continued her music education. She joined the school ensemble and chorus as an accompanist and attended the Taiwan folk music ensemble, with whom she performed as a keyboard player in the CIOFF Folklore Music Festivals in Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Poland during 2009-2014. In 2011, Judy got admitted to the graduate school with the highest score in the enrollment audition. During her years in school, she was given many opportunities to attend music performances, including performing chamber music in the Taiwan National Recital Hall.  

She holds her master degree in piano performance from Shih Chien University in Taipei.  Besides piano, she also likes writing. In addition, she has worked for a classical music magazine, MUZIK, as an editor, and held interviews with numerous great musicians.

Judy is a patience and passionate piano teacher who loves to share music with her students. She believes that classical music is the foundation for better music development. However, Learning music should not be a chore to students, they must have the commitment, a desire to learn and maintain their interest in playing music. This will allow student’s learning experience even more enjoyable.


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Arraypiano teacher Cody
Cody Weinmann
hacienda heights

Cody Weinmann is a composer and pianist who’s originally from Reno Nevada. He moved to California with his family in 1998.

Cody plays and writes for many genres including solo pieces, band and orchestral works, choral works and sacred and church music. He is a big lover of big sound textures, especially piano concertos or orchestral pieces with a piano feature. He has perfect pitch and synesthesia—the ability to see colors with pitches.

Cody has degrees in Piano Performance, Music Composition and Music Technology with honors from California State San Bernardino. He was an Honorable Mention in the 2010 BMI Student Composer Competition for his work entitled “Mary—Prelude for Band in D Minor.” Since then, he has been feverishly writing pieces in many different instrumentations for different competitions over the years. This has culminated in the brilliant reading of one of his sacred SATB choral works entitled “Come Near to God.”

Cody’s goals for teaching include teaching people of all abilities the power and fun in music. He tailors lessons to the student’s individual needs. He teaches them note and sight reading along with improvisation. He also has five years teaching students with disabilities as well and nurtures the student’s strengths to keep them going.

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Arraypiano teacher John
John Warner
hacienda heights

John started playing the piano the summer before his seventh birthday, continuing a tradition of music that was passed down from his guitarist father and vocalist mother.

The following thirty years would bring experiences in concert performance, musical theatre (where he would meet his future wife), vocal accompaniment, Big Band Swing Orchestra, and an opportunity to
play Mozart on the Fibonacci Steinway Grand Piano.

His training includes fifteen years’ piano instruction in the Orf and Suzuki methods, ten years of musical theatre performance, five years of Dalcroze education culminating in a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from California State University, Dominguez Hills and over thirty years of playing the piano.

John’s teaching experience includes private vocal and piano lessons, The Imagination Machine creative writing program and, as an Alzheimer's Caregiver for six years, John has witnessed therapeutic qualities
of music. He believes that it is never too early to teach music, and it is never too late to learn.

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