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manhattan piano teacher Jacqueline

Jacqueline has played piano since she was 5, and her teaching experience began soon after when she would eagerly share her musical ideas with her friends. She loves teaching and considers it fundamental to her music practice. Originally from Chicago, she has lived and taught in various cities around the world before making her way to New York City- and her vast piano repertoire is a reflection of that.   She studied jazz performance at California Polytechnic Institute in San Luis Obispo, CA and and subsequently led several jazz combos in the central coast of California. She has also lived in The Netherlands and in Madrid, Spain for several years, where she formed a love of international folk and pop music including Spanish flamenco rhythms and French chanson. She earned a masters degree from University of Illinois - Chicago while she concurrently taught for four years at the Old Town School of Folk Music.  In Chicago, Jacqueline led a chamber trio and several experimental electronic collaborations to perform in many of the city's most historic venues.  Currently, she performs with the collective  "Palace Sound" and composes and produces solo piano and electronic pieces that feature looping of various synthesizers.   She has also begun designing scores for short films and commercials and she is currently writing a dissertation about the theory of film sound.  She teaches from beginning to advanced classical music, jazz and music theory, composition, and rock/pop/electronic.  She is enthusiastic to work with students of any level who want to expand their skills and repertoire.

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