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Patrizio Trivellini
greenwich piano teacher Patrizio

Patrizio Trivellini received his Masters in Composition in 2009 from the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi in Turin. As a pianist, composer and singer, he started to play in public at the age of 16. He has been awarded many national and international competitions, most recently the European competition "Working With Music 2013" which brought him to London to work in a professional recording studio as pianist and production assistant.

His compositions and repertoire include contemporary classical, music for every form of ensemble, choral music, works for symphony orchestra, pop and folk music.

He worked for fifteen years in Italian opera theatres such as Teatro Regio in Turin and Teatro alla Scala in Milan. He participated in the "San Remo Youth Festival" and has appeared in many Italian television programs as a pianist and singer. He also collaborated with Paolo Conte in the project "Music for the Venaria Royal Palace" under the supervision of the Conservatory of Music in Turin. For the last ten years, he has been teaching students of every age, from 4 to 70 years old, seeking to develop in each of them a wide knowledge of music. He also taught piano, solfege and harmony to professional musicians who desired to deepen various aspects of their musical knowledge. He was also involved in teaching activities at the Conservatory, such as giving guided tours of the private collection of antique and rare instruments for the “Intesa-San Paolo Foundation”, and tutoring composition lessons. As a classically trained pianist and composer, he tries to focus and grow in the student a wide knowledge of music, the theory, the history, the technique, without ever forgetting the essential joy and soul of music itself.

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